Greetings Tabor Church Family,

This “Worship Blog” is an opportunity for us to connect as a community and engage in conversation related to our worship themes. Each week, I will post a worship video and transcript for you to watch and/or read and then respond to some reflection questions. The video/transcript will include scripture, sermon, and prayer. One of the reflection questions each week will be an invitation to share prayer requests.

The first time you leave a reply, I will need to “approve” it (you will see a message that says your comment is awaiting moderation). After I approve one of your comments, all future comments you make will automatically be posted.

I hope that this blog will help many of us dive more deeply into Scripture and allow God to speak freshly into our lives today. Please keep posts on this blog focused to the topic/theme we are discussing.

Peace, Pastor Phil

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  1. Myron Voth says:

    My hope is that, like a virus, hope that is shared can spread exponentially. This makes it important to spread it early and often. The question is how to do this when many venues for interaction are shut. The call from my deacon was very welcome yesterday, so we should all probably do that!

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